Coaching - Selective support of candidates in the following areas

  1. Personal goal and baseline analysis
  2. Support with CV: Format, content and structure
  3. Preparation for your interview
    • Personal fit
    • Brain teaser
    • Case Interview
  4. Contract Negotiation
  5. Onboarding
"… your preparation and support were fantastic. Especially, the mock interview situations with respect to personal fit and case study were the decisive elements that helped me succeed. Thanks a lot - I landed my dream job!“
Sep 2019
"Hi, Mrs Kuntze, After our last call I thought about your input with respect to my changing jobs quite quickly (before being promoted). I appreciate your direct and open communication very much. It would be great to stay in touch and postpone our talks to this autumn. Thanks a lot!…
Jan 2020
Thanks a lot for the support and great arguments provided. I have just received my promotion, without any further delay!…
Candidate, M&A, 4y experience
May 2020
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